Agency. Ayurvedic medicine is very beneficial for human health. The importance of Ayurvedic medicine has been increasing day by day since ancient times. Most of the living plants on our planet have medicinal properties.

Even though we know that some plants are not being used well. One of them is Rita. We don’t know how to use Rita grains properly to cure everything from asthma to migraines and cancer. Rita is a type of fruit that is dried and used to make soaps, detergents and shampoos. Rita and its powder are also easily available.

It is used to make hair strong and black and it solves many health problems. Migraine causes severe pain in half of the head. The use of Rita can relieve pain. Mix a little bit of chilli and water in the dust of Rita. Asthma sufferers also find it difficult to breathe and coughing up dust and smoke.

In this case, it is beneficial to make a thorn by mixing 250 ml of water with five grams of Rita dust. Drinking thorns two or three times a day cures phlegm and makes it easier to breathe. In case of toothache, fry the seeds of Rita in a pan and grind it with the same amount of alum. Now rub it on the teeth.

You will get rest. There is blood in the stool and there is a lot of pain when you have diarrhea. Put Rita powder in half a liter of water and cook. When it cools down, drink half a cup. It is better to drink this water every day. Irregular menstruation For this, menstruation becomes regular by mixing a little honey in two grams of Rita dust. Consumption of Rita dust protects against cancer of various organs. Rittha water also works as a medicine for ulcers and skin diseases.

By Auther