Peacock feathers are considered revered and sacred. Since Lord Krishna always wears peacock feathers on his head, peacock feathers are also associated with righteousness. There is a religious belief that wearing peacock feathers will bring good luck.

According to Vastushastra, there are many benefits to keeping peacock feathers in the house, which are discussed here. This will complete the work that has been stopped. Even if your money is stuck somewhere, ie you have not repaid the loan, it is believed that keeping peacock feathers in the house will raise the loan.

It is mentioned in the scriptures that various signs come to give information about good and bad things. In such signs, information about future events can be obtained. Dreams are also a medium in such signs.

There are some signs that tell us in advance about receiving money. We need to remember such signs. There are some signs that are already believed to indicate how to get money in the future. Even if you see a virgin in a yellow dress on Thursday, consider it an auspicious sign that you may gain money. Remember, you can get rich.

By Auther