Many songs targeting Dashain-Tihar have been made public on YouTube this year. Apart from that, other songs also came up on YouTube. Three of them were the most talked about songs during Dashain-Tihar. The song got a good buzz on YouTube and was equally popular on Tiktak.

Those songs hung in the mouths of many spectators. However, those songs are not Dashain-Tihar songs. ‘Ramaram Marauti’, ‘Jam Vho Miley’ and ‘Kalo Keshama Relimai’ were the most popular songs during Dashain-Tihar this year.

The song, sung by Khem Century and Asmita Adhikari, was composed by Netra Aryal. The song has music of Khem Century. As the song became public on YouTube, it gradually became popular on Twitter. Many people tickled this song.

This song was very popular from Dashain to Tihar. Many even remembered the forgotten ‘Maruti’. More than a month after its release, the song received 10 million views on YouTube on Tuesday. The video, choreographed and directed by Ramji Lamichhane, stars actress Pooja Sharma and model OB Rayamajhi. Bande Prasad has edited the video of ‘Ram Ram Maruti’ filmed by Saurabh Lama.

By Auther