It is also believed that the wife should be younger. And, this age difference can be one year, two years, four years, eight years or even ten years. Some husbands are twice as old as their wives. The exceptions are, the wife being relatively older.

Does the age difference between the couple make any difference? : Before trying to find the answer to this question, let’s try to examine our social tendency. When we are looking for a bride for a new bride, we are looking for a relatively young age. That is, the bride should be younger than the groom. Patriarchal thinking must have worked in this too. On the other hand, young women also express their desire to live a married life with a man older than them.

Whether they are in love or in marriage, they want to do it with a man older than themselves. Are also doing. Why? Because often young women seek protection from men. Social security, economic security. Young women want their future husbands to be mature. Be mature in terms of work, in terms of age, in terms of thinking, in terms of behavior. This same latent desire in women also makes them prefer to have sex with men older than themselves.

Rarely are husbands and wives equal in age. In most cases, the husband is older than the wife. But, how much more? There is no limit to this either. Some couples may be as young as one year old. In some cases, the age difference is 10 or 11 years. Does this kind of age difference have any effect on marital happiness?

By Auther