Children are captured on video laughing, playing, eating, singing, jumping, dancing, crying, fighting. It is shared with everyone through social media. Some of these videos go viral. It is also a separate platform for earning name and fame. So many people now use the same rules for name and discussion. Do you want to make a similar video of your child? Want to share a video on social media?

Want to make a kid ‘viral’? If so, what are the benefits to you? What purpose are you still talking about? Of course, now we are growing up in the digital age. Life must be made timely. We may also be doing this to help young children growing up later in the digital age. How many of us have benefited from this? But, do you care about its limits and conditions? Positive side: The way we are now making videos of our children, sharing them on social media,

what good does it do? First of all, let’s move on to the positive side. When we make a video of a child dancing, singing, drawing, jumping, having fun, playing, they can be more excited. Can further expose your art, composition.

In other words, it can be a fair to unleash the talents of a small child. It is also a means of showing the child’s artistic or creative ability and disposing of it. The benefit of making a video by doing what they know, what they want to do, what they are interested in is that they get more encouragement from it. They get excited. They start showing their art and craft.

By Auther