Kathmandu, 2 December. CPN-UML leader and Deputy Chief of Publicity Department Surya Thapa has urged the leaders who want to compete with KP Oli to take care of Sauraha’s coolness. Internal competition is not the main thing when the opposition is surrounded on all sides, the party should be strengthened.

The party has a tendency to respect democratic rights. I am not saying that the bail of those who try to fight Oli like Lalbabu Pandit will be forfeited, but it is better to take care of the cold weather in Sauraha. ” He said, “There was a consensus in the Legislative General Convention held last September. Such an opportunity had never come except in the time of Pushpalal.

” In the tenth general convention, the conventions in wards, municipalities and districts were 98 percent unanimous. Now the same thing happens in the National Convention. Everybody should understand this.

”Asked by journalist Dhamla how he will bring 500,000 people to the inaugural session of the 10th General Convention starting on November 26, Chitwan, he said, Watch, broadcast live. It is cold in Chitwan and there is no place for 500,000 people to live in it. ” He said, “Those who say that UML did not speak in the bar movement are suffering from ear, eye and brain diseases.” The five judges who decided on the basis of medals, money and temptation should resign and vacate the court. ”

By Auther