Kathmandu, 31 Dec.

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has released a report on more attacks on press freedom in 2021  than in 2020 .

Making public the conclusion that 2021 is also a challenging year for the Nepali journalism sector, the FNJ has made public the record of increasing the number of press freedom violations this year as compared to the previous year.

“According to the records, there were 52 press freedom violations in 2020 and 62 press freedom violations from January 1, 2021 to 11:00 am on December 31, 2021,” the federation said in a statement. According to the federation, 190 journalists were affected in the 62 incidents and four media outlets were affected.

This year, there have been 32 incidents of threats and harassment against journalists, 10 incidents of occupational insecurity, 10 incidents of capture and obstruction, and five attacks on journalists, according to the federation.

The FNJ has made public the record of only one case of policy ban this year out of four incidents of arrest of journalists. In addition, this year too, journalists and the media have been affected by the incidents of threats, attacks and mistreatment from various quarters on the subject of news or during news gathering.

Journalists and media outlets have been facing problems mainly while writing or broadcasting news including corruption and irregularities. Stating that journalists were injured by police batons during news coverage of the protests by various groups, the federation said that the work of stopping journalists from covering news of public events has continued this year as well.

Stating that the obstruction and obstruction of journalists during the gathering of news including Parliament, parliamentary committee meetings, swearing in of ministers or general conventions of various political parties has not been stopped, the federation said that various media related laws with anti-press provisions are being drafted and registered in the parliament.

The FNJ also concluded that these laws, which are against the freedom of press and expression guaranteed by the constitution, have added to the challenge of the provision of full press freedom guaranteed by the constitution of Nepal.

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, 26 journalists and media workers have died so far, compared to 21 in 2021.

Similarly, the pretext of the Corona epidemic has affected the professional security of journalists. Over a period of one year, 350 journalists from various media outlets have been denied regular salaries, on unpaid leave and fired on the pretext of corona virus.
However, out of which the problems of about 300 journalists have been addressed, FNJ is taking legal and pressure initiatives to solve the problems of 50 journalists, according to a record made public by Secretary General Roshan Puri.




By Auther