Janakpur-The couple is always in trouble. Janakpur. When taking a loan from a lender, the house, jewelry, land or other movable and immovable property is kept in the mortgage, but it may come as a surprise to many to hear that the lender has a certificate of citizenship in the mortgage for the loan.

Such an amazing thing has happened to a Dalit family of Dakneshwari Municipality-1 Kavilasa of Saptari. Ram Vilas, a resident of the area, has to keep his citizenship certificate as collateral to get a loan of Rs 20,000 from the local Sahu Ravi Mandal.

“I went,” said 60-year-old Sada. “I don’t have any land to hold as a mortgage, nor any jewelry or movable property,” he says. Sahu Ravi did not agree, but later took citizenship saying that citizenship should be kept in the hostage.

” There are complaints that Sada is in big trouble after her citizenship has been taken hostage. “Husband’s citizenship is required to get his wife’s citizenship,” she said. On the one hand, her husband’s citizenship is in mortgage and on the other hand, she says to bring her husband’s citizenship for her citizenship, so she is in big trouble. Sahu has been saying that she will not return her citizenship until her husband pays Rs 15,000 out of Rs 20,000 to her husband, who has recently returned to Punjab, India.

By Auther