One woman wanted to make her nose a little smaller. He thought I was bad because of the nose. Her friends suggested that she have plastic surgery, and she went to the hospital. When he returned from the hospital, his life was like a nightmare.

His nose came into place, as he had said, but neither of his knees were in place. Little did Sevink know that this would one day lead to a stroke or a loss of legs. According to media reports, after a two-hour long operation,

her condition improved and doctors sent her home. On the way home, Sevink developed a fever. However, the hospital said his condition was stable. Her condition was getting worse day by day. After the operation, she fell ill without eating. Her legs were black. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Later, to save lives, the leg was TA. The hospital said that he had problems with his legs due to lack of food from the chicken he ate. The court has sought an expert report in this regard. The court will decide on this after the expert’s report in April 2021.

By Auther