Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Prem Bahadur Ale, has warned of stern action against those involved in hassling migrant workers at airport. Minister Ale said it while receiving a memorandum submitted by the Unified Foreign Employment Entrepreneurs’ Organization on Monday.

“The youths who opt for foreign employment for income must be respected. They must not be hassled at all,” he added. The Organization had reminded the Minister that those leaving country for foreign employment were facing hassles at airport.

The Minister reminded that after he became the line minister, he managed free WiFi, resting places and drinking water facilities for free of cost at the International Airport. “I’m always positive for the rights of migrant workers,” he reiterated.

Under the direction of Minister Ale, Nepal Airlines Corporation has been providing foreign travel tickets at discounted rate to 40 migrant workers.

Submitting the memorandum, the employees at airport were harassing the migrant workers despite producing all necessary documents.

By Auther